Are Glass Pipes Better?

Wanna know if glass pipes are better than the alternate options on the market, like ceramic, wood, polycarbonate, or metal? In this article, we go full into element about the awesome points of glass pipes and what makes them so fantastic. There’s a transparent reason why connoisseurs favor glass, without knocking some other mediums. So right here’s an experienced perspective, providing some insight. Of course, it all comes down to personal desire, nonetheless, glass is definitely my desire!

Optimal Performance

Glass water pipes, water rigs, and bongs are excellent for thus many reasons. First things first, let’s get down to enterprise: giant quantities of smoke will be inhaled at a time, giving you more bang for the buck with glass. They filter the smoke as it is produced and earlier than you inhale, which has the benefit of eliminating carcinogens and other residues. This provides a smoother experience and one that most likely sits higher with your conscience. Water also provides some instantaneous cooling motion, delivering a more comfortable smoking expertise that’s mild on the throat.

The Feel

Glass feels amazing; it’s smooth, smooth, smooth. From the second you bring a slick, satiny glass piece to your lips, inhale, and conclude with your exhale, the sensation glass pipes offer is lustrous, clean, and elegant. Metal pipes can impart a metallic taste with some throaty bite; silicon pipes supply less by way of taste purity and consistency, while glass never absorbs flavors so you’ll be able to enjoy the pure essence and flavor of the plants you’re smoking.


Glass pipes, though definitely more breakable than plastic, wood, or metal, provide an extended-lasting, durable pipe. Just don’t drop them! Glass pipes are usually not all created the same, or of the identical quality. In case you occur to buy a glass pipe at a gas station for a price range worth, you shouldn’t be stunned if the quality turns out to be low-end. Professionally crafted blown glass items are made to go the gap and they are designed to deliver years of use with proper maintenance.

Right here at Tako Glass, we take immense pride in crafting pieces of superb quality, made only by very skilled artists. We use time-honored glassblowing methods, including proper annealing, to make sure every bit made is extraordinarily robust and capable of holding up to every day smoking.

Prime-quality glass pipes and bongs can handle dependless uses without degrading, and unless they’re dropped or subjected to a robust force, they’ll last an incredibly lengthy time. Glass pipes are crafted in a single single unit, usually with no exterior additions, which allows them to perform seamlessly, without cumbersome parts that may falter or come loose.

Heat Resistance

Glass pipes are wonderful at handling the heat when used for smoking. They do not take on heat easily during smoking, in distinction to metal pipes and ceramic pipes, which usually hold heat uncomfortably well. These pipes grow to be troublesome to handle due to the heat and may affect the flavors procured in the process. Glass requires more time to heat up and it additionally releases heat a lot faster, so no burned palms or lips within the process.

The Style Factor

While definitely less essential than total functionality, style actually counts big time within the smoke game. And seriously, no other medium compares to the wonder and sheer headiness of blown glass pipes. How many times have you ever been stopped in your tracks by the sheer artistry of a glass piece? The great thing about these pipes is always awe-inspiring; there’s just so much to behold and no two glass pipes look the same! Glass pipes are the perfect mixture of creative brilliance, artisan craftsmanship, and functional awesomeness. From the complicatedity of designs to the myriad of colors, and to the enjoyable of shade-changing that occurs over time, glass is severely magical.

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